Saturday, March 31, 2018

Talking vs. Yelling

What a treasure of letters to the editor in the Thursday, March 22 issue of the Press Democrat!  Discussions of foreign policy, abortion, housing and climate change, plus assessments of the competence of the PD staff and of the president.  I know what side I'm on in each case, and I feel the urge to yell about the abysmal stupidity of those who disagree with me.

But the bottom line is, no one agrees completely with anyone else.  We are, deny it or not, a very diverse population, and current trends in violence, climate, a growing housing shortage, and religious crusades will destroy us if we don't cooperate.

Talk about what you believe. Allow others to believe otherwise and talk about their beliefs. Defend your beliefs without attacking others’ beliefs. Listen when others defend their beliefs. This works best when both parties adhere to these guidelines. When it doesn't work at all, don't argue; merely say, "Well, you believe that."

But then hopefully find some common or nearly common ground, shake hands and work together, each in their own fervently altruistic way, to help all of us build a better world… and maybe even thrive.