Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Where Do We Go From Here?

 I stepped out of the shower this morning and looked at my body in the mirror.  Not very exciting, but that's okay.  We humans are animals that have to eat and poop and make babies.  Well, we don't have to make babies, but we carry the equipment to do that, and half of us carry the equipment to feed babies, with us all the time, 24-7.  Isn't that interesting?  The thing that makes us not animals is the way we can have thoughts and communicate those thoughts via finger movements to paper (or stone or a computer screen) in front of us, via sound waves across a table or over the back fence, and via electromagnetic waves across continents and worlds.

So where do we go from here?  The last four years have seen so many monkey wrenches thrown into the mechanics of civilization, that we may never recover.  It looks like Trump will leave office, though I'm not betting on that outcome yet, but he will not go quietly.  And he has hoards of followers who love him for his hatred of all things un-White.  And his feigned hatred of all things unchristian.  I say "feigned" because he actually hates Christians too, but he doesn't let that be known.

He has done monstrous damage to our society by getting us to hate each other, mistrust each other, suspect each other.  We have found his fear, the source of all his anger and hatred, to be highly contagious.  And our fear of each other triggers anger, violence, and murder.  Literally, all the way to murder.

May God help us.  Except he won't.  We haven't made him powerful enough.  He will die with the human race.

Maybe we can go somewhere better from here.

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