Thursday, June 1, 2017

Nevertheless, We Persisted

The 45th president praises and reaches out to authoritarian dictators Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Recip Tayyid Erdogan, and Rodrigo Duterte.  And then shares highly classified information with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Authoritarianism and treason.

The Kushers profit in China off the Trump name and presidency, and meet with Russian bank officials secretly.  45 himself hangs onto his businesses.  Conflict of interest.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt fires scientists from the scientific review board and replaces them with fossil fuel industry representatives.  Then all the climate change documents disappear from the EPA website.  Climate denial.

Attorney General Jeff (What Me Worry?) Sessions, in spite of recusing himself, suggests 45 fire James Comey who is investigating the Trump-Russia connection.  Then advises law enforcement to charge drug offenders with the most serious charge available in order to trigger the harshest maximum sentences.  Racism and cronyism.

Health Secretary Tom Price praises the House (mis-named) American Health Care Act saying it will increase patients' access to health care, when the CBO and the AMA assert the opposite.  Healthcare only for the rich and the well.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke supports the Keystone Pipeline, opposes carbon emission regulation, "reviews" our National Monuments.  Exploitation of public lands.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appears with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, laughs with him about Jim Comey's firing, and walks off without answering reporters' questions.  Profits before people.

Education Secretary Bestsy DeVos wants taxpayers to pay for private schools even if they discriminate.  Anti-public education and more racism.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs a law threatening sheriffs with jail if they do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities, when every major police chief in the state opposed the bill.  Anti-immigrant nationalism.

House of Representatives candidate Greg Gianforte violently attacks a reporter and gets a hundred thousand dollars in donations when news of it breaks.  Hatred for and mistrust of the Press.

Above and around all this, more and more of the White House gang is being implicated with Russian spies and money launderers, the latest being 45's son-in-law Jared Kushner, the highest-ranking, most influential presidential family member ever in history!  Nepotism.

Despair rules.  Hopelessness reigns.  Futility wins.  The energy to keep fighting fades.  He is not my president.  This is not even my country anymore.  It doesn't matter what is right and just and fair.  The only things that happen are those that the people in power want to happen.  And they got in power by cheating, lying, misleading, and deceiving... with the help of a nefarious foreign dictator named Putin.  Will of the people -- will of the majority -- be damned.

You can curse me for this nihilistic soliloquy, but this is where I seem to be right now. 

Or...  Maybe I just need to rest a bit, catch my breath, take five, go to coffee.  Inhale.  Exhale.  Sip of coffee.  (Sip of scotch?)  Close the eyes a moment.  Breathe!

Okay, I feel a little better now.  I remember Dr Martin Luther King Jr, and Representative John Lewis, and labor activists Cesar Chavez and Joe Hill.  No one will remember my name, but they'll remember Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye and Carl Sagan.  King and Lewis and Chavez and Hill and Tyson and Nye and Sagan weren't and aren't alone.  There were many, many thousands behind them.  Maybe I can be one of those nameless thousands that persisted!

Okay, I'm ready to go hit it again.  Write letters and op eds.  Call my Congressones.  Knock on doors.  Phone bank.  Table.  All those good, empowering, difference-making verbs.  The odds may be against us.  We may be out-numbered.  We may be out-gunned....

Nevertheless, we persisted!

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